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  • FlyLab Fatburner Combi Bundel

    FlyLab Fatburner Combi Bundel

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    Big discount on FlyLab's Fatburners! Are you looking for a helping hand to lose weight? The Ecophant Fatburner gives you more energy and reduces your appetite.

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    Product description

    Are you looking for a helping hand to lose weight? The Fatburner contributes to a positive effect on your fat burning. In addition, the Fatburner reduces your appetite, so that the chance that you will snack between meals during the day is reduced. In combination with your workouts and healthy food, you will see results faster. We have made sure that our Fatburner contains only the best ingredients.

    ✔ Reduces the feeling of hunger
    ✔ High-quality ingredients
    ✔ Boost your energy and your workout
    ✔ Delicious flavors
    ✔ 100% Vegan

    Only the best ingredients

    Our Fatburner contains high-quality ingredients that bring many benefits. They give you the energy boost you need during the day and suppress the feeling of hunger. Our Fatburner contains green tea extract, which improves glucose and fat metabolism and aids in weight loss. The Fatburner also contains caffeine, which has a stimulating effect on concentration and performance, increases your energy and makes your fatigue disappear!

    Easy to use

    We recommend taking a dose twice a day, during lunch and breakfast. To do this, add a scoop of Fatburner to 300ml of water. Mix the Fatburner well in, for example, a shaker. The handy packaging and the dosing scoop ensure ideal daily use.

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