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    Detox Tea To Go Bundle

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    € 75,00 € 24,95 Incl. tax


    Need help losing weight? Lose some pounds and cleanse your body at the same time with the Detox Bundle. Two delicious flavours of Detox Tea and a handy thermos bottle for only 24.95! Improve your health today!

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    Product description

    This discount bundle contains:

    1x the Detox Tea Strawberry, 1x the Detox Tea Orange & 1x Thea to go Bottle

    Our Detox Morning Energy 14 Days helps you start the day in a healthy way. This Detox tea contributes to a positive effect of your fat burning and ensures that you get more energy during the day. Easily take a cup of Detox Morning Energy tea every morning and support the cleansing of your body.

    ✔ Positive effect on fat burning
    ✔ Boost the immune system
    ✔ Good start to the day
    ✔ Rich in vitamins
    ✔ 100% vegan
    ✔ Easy to use use

    Why should I 'Teatox'?

    With a Teatox you cleanse your body with a special tea: a Detox Tea. This Tea helps with weight loss. The ingredients increase the metabolism, which will burn fat faster and reduce appetite. The Detox Tea Morning Energy and the Detox Tea Evening Relaxation both have different effects on your body. In summary, it supports your current lifestyle. Do you want to detoxify your body naturally and also want to lose the necessary kilos? Then the Detox Tea Morning Energy is really something for you!

    How do I use the Detox Tea?

    Take a cup of Detox Tea Morning Energy every morning for 14 days. Often no time in the morning? Feel free to take the Tea with you on the go in the Tea-To-Go Bottle, because in this tea bottle the Detox Tea stays warm for hours

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    • 4 / 5 Jamecia 09-01-2023 16:07

      Het helpt me met afvallen en dat was mijn doel

    • 5 / 5 Leon Spijker 14-12-2022 12:26

      Erg goed spul. Het helpt me om mijn doelen te behalen en er zit een mooie korting op. Top

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