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  • Creapure® kauwbare Creatine Tabletten 150stuks

    Creapure® kauwbare Creatine Tabletten 150stuks

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    € 99,75 € 19,95 Incl. tax


    The Creapure® chewable tablets contain Dextrose and Creatine, these substances are perfect to give your workout a boost. Ideally packaged and easy to carry.

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    Product description

    150 pieces for only 19.95! View the benefits below.

    Creapure® Chewable Creatine Tablets

    The tablets (3 grams) contain Creatine and dextrose, the ideal combination to give your workout a boost.
    The Creatine Tablets have a delicious lemon flavor and are easy to carry because they are individually packed.< br />

    Creapure® Creatine

    Creapure® is the most studied form of creatine and has been proven to be safe and effective. When you buy Creapure® supplements, you can rest assured that you are using one of the best and most reliable products on the market.


    Why should I use Creatine?

    If you want to get the most out of your workout and always want to achieve new goals, then Creatine is a good addition to exercise. It ensures that the muscles have more energy for short power explosions

    Dextrose monohydrate

    Dextrose monohydrate is a simple carbohydrate, also known as grape sugar. Your body absorbs this substance very quickly compared to other sugars, so you quickly get an energy boost.

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    • 5 / 5 Rick van Leeuwen 16-11-2022 11:26

      Niet zo duur als de creatine van concurrenten, het werkt top!

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