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  • Ice cold into the new year

    12 / Jan / 2022

    Ice cold into the new year

    You probably recognize it in your environment; friends, family or acquaintances taking a cold shower! You hear it more and more, but many people are still amazed at the idea of voluntarily standing under an ice-cold shower. Isn't it much nicer to take a hot shower?

    That's right! But did you know that cold showers have a number of scientifically proven benefits?

    Cold showers strengthen your immune system. Research has shown that almost 30% of people who take a cold shower every day get sick less often. Your body has to endure more, so it has to adapt and anticipate this. You will find that a cold shower quickly removes the tired morning feeling. It is even said that taking a cold shower in the morning makes your body feel like you got up 2 hours earlier!

    You will get more energy. The cold water will quickly increase your heart rate and blood pressure. It is important to keep your breathing under control. The shock on your body will make you breathe faster and it can even prevent you from starting to hyperventilate. So try to stay calm and pay close attention to your breathing.

    Tip: count to ten, and repeat!

    Top athletes are generally not averse to a cold shower or an ice bath. After a training or a competition, the ice-cold water helps the muscles to recover. This is because more oxygen gets to your muscles, resulting in a faster removal of waste from your body. This allows you to quickly resume your training.

    How do you start taking a cold shower? Try to build it up slowly. Standing under an ice-cold shower for 5 minutes without any experience is virtually impossible. By starting every day with a cold shower for 30 seconds, you let your body and your breathing get used to it. Because of this you will keep it up a little longer and you will notice that you will appreciate it more. If you don't like to jump under a cold shower all at once, you can of course also start with warm water and then take a cold shower.

    It will certainly not be easy at first, I can say this from experience, but it is definitely worth a try! Let us know in the comments how your personal experience with cold showers is and if you have any tips for the beginners among us!

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