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  • Do you stick to your New Year's resolutions?

    28 / Jan / 2022

    Do you stick to your New Year's resolutions?

    Almost everyone starts it, year after year; new good intentions! Some take it more seriously than others, but many people at least make an effort to start the year right. Most intentions agree with each other; eat healthier, exercise more often and enjoy life more.

    These are all not specific intentions where you really work towards a goal. This is one of the reasons that 25% of New Year's resolutions fail after the first two weeks of the new year. Research has shown that less than 10% of people achieve their goals in the new year. This isn't exactly a lot if you ask me. To ensure that you belong to the 10% that do make it, we have worked out a number of tips and tricks below. Enjoy reading!

    Tip 1: Set a SMART goal

    SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound. A term that most have undoubtedly heard during marketing & communication lessons at school. Setting a SMART goal means that you can work towards a clear and concrete goal. Of course it doesn't have to be a goal that you only determine according to the rules after careful research or something like that, but try to put it on paper for yourself. An example of a SMART goal for the athletes among us:

    I want to lose 5 kilograms within a period of 3 months.

    This goal is Specific: lose 5 kg, Measurable: weigh on the scale, Acceptable: it is a goal that you accept to achieve, Realistic: with enough sport and healthy nutrition, almost everyone can achieve this, Time-bound: within 3 months .

    Setting a SMART goal gives you a direction to work towards and it increases the chance of success. A good addition to setting your goal is to do this with someone. Try to work towards something together and bring out the best in each other. Extra motivation!

    Tip 2: Do not set several and certainly not too many goals at the same time.

    By setting multiple goals at the same time, you will have to divide your focus. This is where many people go wrong. Try to tackle one goal at a time. Do you want to work towards that 5 kg weight loss in three months? Then give the full 100% for this. If you tackle several goals at the same time, you will notice that you can quickly lose the overview. This will make you more inclined to put your goals aside. So work step by step towards one goal at a time, and you will find that achieving your goal is within reach, provided you give everything for it, of course.

    The last tip we give you: reward yourself!

    On the way to achieving your goal, you should reward yourself once. This motivates you to continue and it makes you think about what you are actually doing. Clarify why you have set this goal, and how well you are already on your way. NB! Don't reward yourself with discouraging items or foods. If you're trying to lose weight, don't reward yourself with a weekend full of fast food, but rather book a wonderful weekend trip to the sea. Relax while you walk on the beach, and still keep moving.

    These are our best tips to achieve your new goals in 2022. Set a goal for yourself, and do everything you can to achieve it. Make yourself proud and make sure that by the end of 2022 you can say: this year I did achieve my goal!

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