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  • 5 ways to stimulate muscle growth

    10 / Feb / 2022

    5 ways to stimulate muscle growth

    Those who want to promote muscle growth have a long way to go. This process does not happen overnight and is more complex than you might expect. It takes time, energy, patience and discipline. But for those who want to go all the way, we have the tips and ways to promote muscle growth.

    Choose smart – choose the right exercises
    Even before you start, it is important to think about what you prefer to train. Is it your whole body, or do you prefer the buttocks or the upper body? Make a choice and then look for the right exercises for the desired area.

    Repeat, repeat and repeat again
    Discipline and perseverance are essential for muscle growth. By training structurally and frequently, you can already start building muscle growth.

    Take a rest
    Enthusiasm is good, but make sure you get enough rest. Both during the training sessions and afterwards. The rule of thumb is to take a 30 to 45 second break between (muscle) exercises and to wait 48 hours after a session before getting back to work.

    Eat wisely
    In addition to the training sessions, you can choose to optimally adapt your dietary patterns to your goal. Think, for example, of consuming extra proteins. But beware: there is also such a thing as too much protein! So read carefully in advance to avoid surprises.

    Use supplements
    You can use supplements to support and supplement your training. The five most popular supplements are: protein, instant BCAA, ZM, carbohydrates and creatine. You can find the latter in our own ECOPHANT Creatine 100% Monohydrate. Simple and easy to order via our webshop!

    We hope that after reading these tips and tricks you know how to get started with building muscle growth in the most optimal and efficient way. Know that hard work, sensible eating and the right supplements can be your best friend. And most importantly, don't give up!

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